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Scale Midi files to help you play in key

After deciding on a scale for a new track it’s useful to keep to notes that are within the scale. Notes that are outside can be used, for example to add interest or during a key change, but when starting out producing it’s easier to keep to the scale notes.

Using the ‘Fold’ function in Ableton Live’s midi editor it is possible to limit the available notes to those of each scale using a selection of midi files that I have made for each minor scale. This is useful when entering notes manually as you don’t need to constantly make sure that each note you enter is within the scale.


  1. Download the midi files and then Unzip them
  2. Open Ableton Live
  3. Select all midi files
  4. Drag and drop the midi files into Live
  5. Open each midi file and click ‘Fold’

Each midi file has a length of 8 bars (the scale notes are positioned on bar 9) To make it longer just move the scale notes (for example to bar 17, to make a 16 bar file)

Hopefully these files will be of use.

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