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How to make hi-hats from your drum loops

This is a useful tip for making a hi-hat channel out of your drum loops. The process is very simple. To isolate the hi-hats, the low and mid range needs to be filtered out using EQ.

With some percussion already made, load up a drum loop sample onto a new audio channel and then add a EQ device.

Using Live’s hot swap preset function you can quickly switch loops to see which sounds the best with your track.

You may need to use more than one instance of your EQ device to remove most of the lows and mids. I’ve used two in this example.

Experiment with different loops and effects, I’ve used a phaser in this example.

This is the track without the hi-hat drum loop

This is the track with the added hi-hat drum loop

This is a great way of adding interest to your percussion and is easily done using Live or any other DAW.


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